• J100 SC ( Chlorinator )

A salt water electro-chlorinator is a device that is attached to the pool circulation system and uses electricity to change salt into a form of chlorine called sodium hypochlorite, which is safer then plain chlorine. No harmful cleaners are used. The chlorinator, containing an electrolytic cell, is attached to the pool circulation system across the filter. Common salt is dissolved into the water to a concentration of 3,000 parts per million and usually needs to be topped off only a few times per year. The desired settings are programmed into the control panel and, as the salt water flows into the chlorinator, the salt undergoes chemical reactions as it is hit with electricity from the electrolytic cell, which separates the salt into its base elements of sodium and chlorine. The chlorine changes into sodium hypochlorite and flows into the pool water. Over time, the sodium hypochlorite slowly changes back into salt and the chlorinator continues the process until all the salt is gone.

-Capacity: 0 - 80 000 L

-2 Year Carry-In Warranty

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J100 SC ( Chlorinator )

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